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MadeByMarta is a young, enterprising and versatile language services company that is committed to excellence in service and can adapt to meet a wide range of needs.

We have spent more than twenty years in our sector but we still bring the same enthusiasm and spirit with which we started out to our work.

We firmly believe that quality is not just the properties inherent in a thing which make it possible to judge its value, but instead it is also superiority and excellence and, ultimately, the way a product or service does what it is supposed to do. Our customers know they can trust in the quality of our services and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll see to everything and work hard to make sure we exceed their expectations.

Mutual trust, reliability, quality and punctuality are the things our customers value about us. We know that each customer is unique, different and special, so catering for their needs calls for exclusive and personalised service. Constantly exceeding our customers’ expectations encourages us to continue working hard and improving and helps us to grow as professionals and as people.

Marta Dalmau


MadeByMarta is the new chapter in my career as a profesional translator since I graduated in Translation and Interpreting (Autonomous University of Barcelona) back in 1999.

After founding and leading NIGtranslations for 20 years, we are now renewing our commitment with the same enthusiasm with which we started out, and we would like to thank our loyal customers who continue to choose us and appreciate our service and professionalism.

Our success is based in part on the human values we nurture and foster in our relationships with our customers and suppliers:

Nurturing these human values in all areas of life, including our professional work, helps us to grow as people. And being better people also turns us into better professionals working for other people.

These human values are accompanied by our professional values, our commitments:

to quality and service, to confidentiality and data protection, to punctuality and meeting deadlines and conditions.

Since all of us are at times customers and at times suppliers, whether at work or in our daily lives, at MadeByMarta we are passionate about excellence in service as a symbol of competitive advantage and differentiation.

Years of Experience
Satisfied Clients
Translated Words

“Every act of communication is a miracle of translation”

– Ken Liu


We Translate


  • Any language combination, any need
  • Fast turnaround times
  • In-market linguists with local language, culture and subject matter expertise
  • Expert use of computer-aided translation tools
  • Consistent use of terminology with database management tools

Sworn translation

For legal and oficial purposes


Transcreation goes beyond regular translation. Transcreators adapt or reconstruct the message for the target audience.

Post-edited machine translation

Editing and revision of high volumes of text pre-translated by an advanced machine translation system.

Language consultancy

Checking, proof-reading and linguistic quality assessment

Checking and proof-reading services for any kind of document.

Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and chuchotage interpreting

Training in computer-aided translation tools

More than 10 years teaching Computer-Aided Translation, Project Management, Terminology Management, Quality Assurance and Medical Translation subjects at the Open University of Catalonia, Autonomous University of Barcelona and University of Vic.

“It is the task of the translator to release in his own language that pure language that is under the spell of another, to liberate the language imprisoned in a work in his re-creation of that work”

– Walter Benjamin


Discover Us

A strong team

All of the professionals in our network hold a university degree, accreditation and have years of experience in their field. All of our translators translate into their mother tongue.

Advanced technical equipment

We offer our clients the latest computer-aided translation tools so that they benefit from better prices, top quality and higher productivity. In short, a better service.

``Translating is producing analogous effects by different means”

– Paul Valéry


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